Taking care of all of your paperwork needs through SeeUWell

Our Patient Engangement Suite makes it possible for you to serve all of your patient forms to your patients ahead of their appointments. Use our simple drag&drop form builder to create new forms or replicate your existing forms on SeeUWell. 

SeeUWell eForms Features

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Building a form has never been easier! Put together detailed, visually appealing and easy to use forms with more simplicity than you creating your current paper-based forms. Our Drag & Drop editor makes for easy creation and any changes are a breeze. Login today to discover the future of form building! 

Ready to Go Before your Appointment

Never need to waste time before an appointment ever again. SeeUWell allows you to serve forms to your patients prior to their appointments, with links delivered to them by Email and Text Message. They are able to simply fill in their forms without needing to download, scan or use specialist software to complete them. Track eForms have been viewed and send reminders to ensure you have the paperwork you need before an  appointment. Spend more time doing what matters most. 

Bundle your Forms

Do you need more than one form signed? Are you regularly sending out the same combination of forms? Create bundles of your forms so that you can send over the correct set of forms to your patients every time, without needing to compile them together manually. Track your forms so you always know when your patients have viewed any forms sent to them.

Your Forms Go Where you Need Them

Export your eForms as a PDF document for record keeping or for printing purposes straight from your SeeUWell Dashboard. Integrate your form with your website, including the ability to add your branding. Where ever you need your eForms, SeeUWell brings them there. 

HIPAA Compliant & Secure

All data exchanged on the SeeUWell eForms platform is fully secure and transferred in a HIPAA-compliant manner for you and your patients peace of mind. Never have to worry about your patients data being safe and secure with SeeUWell eForms. 

Contactless Signing

Use our Drag & Drop editor while building your form to add a space for Signatures to your forms. Patients are able to sign right on the eForm! SeeUWell eliminates the need for patients to use communal pens and pencils, making it both easier and safer for them to sign forms on their own devices.

Collect Invoices

Collect Payments through your form by adding an invoice to the form so that you are always paid on time. Payments on SeeUWell are connected to your Stripe account.