Two-Way Messaging​

Streamline Your Patient Communication with SeeUWell Messaging Platform


Send and receive text messages with patients directly from the platform, providing quick and convenient communication for appointment scheduling, reminders, and other important information.

Web chat

Connect with patients through your practice website with SeeUWell's Webchat feature, providing an additional channel for patient inquiries and support

Social Chat

Respond to patient inquiries and messages on social media platforms directly from the SeeUWell platform, providing a centralized hub for all patient communication.


Effortlessly Manage Appointments with an Automated Reminder System

Personalized Communication

Our reminder system sends personalized reminders to each patient via their preferred communication method, whether it's text, email, or phone call. This ensures that patients receive the reminder in a timely and effective manner, which can reduce no-shows and cancellations.

Customizable Reminders

With SeeUWell's reminder system, you can customize the reminders to suit your practice's unique needs. For example, you can set up reminders for upcoming appointments, routine check-ups, or follow-up visits after a procedure. This flexibility can help you stay organized and keep your patients on track with their care.

Seamless Integration

Our reminder system seamlessly integrates with your practice management software, so you don't have to worry about manual data entry. This can save you time and effort, while also ensuring that your patients receive timely and accurate reminders.


Virtual Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Secure and Convenient Virtual Appointments

SeeUWell's HIPAA-compliant telehealth system provides a secure platform for virtual appointments that are convenient for both patients and providers.

Easy Access

No Software Installation, With SeeUWell's telehealth system, there is no need to install any software or download any app. Patients can simply access the system through a shared link.

Increased Reach and Flexibility

SeeUWell's telehealth system allows providers to reach a wider range of patients and offer more flexible scheduling options, leading to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.